April 22 World Earth Day (Geo-Thermal)

April 22 World Earth Day (Geo-Thermal)

On the occasion of World Earth Day, we are discovering Geothermal, and more specifically, Shallow Geothermal, which is the most efficient and environmentally friendly method for Heating & Cooling buildings available in the world today.

The Earth has the ability to maintain a constant temperature inside it for the first 100 meters depth at least. This temperature is equal with the average annually temperature of the area and is not affected by external conditions (eg extremely hot or frost). Thus, a building applying Geothermy draws heat from the Earth during the winter season, while during the summer season it rejects its thermal loads to the Earth.

In this way, the Earth offers us its warmth in the winter season, while in the summer season it cools us by absorbing the heat of our building!!

So we must take advantage of what the Earth offers us and change the way we heat and cool our buildings, choosing a way that is sustainable and directed towards weaning ourselves from fossil fuels.

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