Geothermal Systems

Permit-study-Supervision-Installation of Geothermal Systems

The implementation plan of a geothermal system is considered essential both for the issue of a permit and for the achievement of system maximum efficiency at the lowest possible cost for the owner. Successful installation of a geothermal system and its proper operation requires an engineer specialized in the study of subsoil parameters.

Our company fully undertakes the process of installation of geothermal systems from the issue of the permit and implementation plan, to the supervision and installation of the system. Our company’s specialization in geothermal systems derives from its engineers who hold a master’s degree in the field of Geothermy as well as being certified for the installation of geothermal systems by the International Ground Source Heat Pumps Association (IGSHPA).

Each geothermal system study is simulated by our company to achieve the optimal design of the system, thus ensuring its optimal performance prior to installation.

Thermal Response Test (TRT)

To design a shallow geothermal system using borehole heat exchangers, it is necessary to know the thermal properties of the soil. The most important parameters are the thermal conductivity and the average value of the undisturbed soil temperature.These parameters are specific to each location and depend on various factors, such as geology, groundwater impact and surface soil temperature (altitude). The coefficient of thermal resistance of the drilling, which describes the thermal resistance between the wall of the borehole and the fluid circulating inside the geoexchanger, is a necessary parameter to be taken under consideration in the design of borehole heat exchangers. It is worth noting that in large applications it is imperative to perform the soil Τhermal Response Test.

Our company offers as a service both the Thermal Response Test (TRT) and the analysis of its results with extensive presentation and documentation.

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