Insulation- Ground Source Heat Pump – Photovoltaic system

Insulation- Ground Source Heat Pump – Photovoltaic system

In this article we will describe the relationship between a building’s insulation with Heating-Cooling system, and how this relationship affects the size and cost, of the PV system.

These are three different technologies where the right combination of them can turn a building into an energy safe one.

To find the right combination, we just need to understand what each one offers us separately:

1. Insulation: it is the external cladding of the building that determines the resistance that its external envelope presents to the transfer of heat from and to its interior.

What does insulation offer us?

The Heating and Cooling loads of the building are reduced and in this way the size and cost of the geothermal system is reduced which is important if one considers that the number of required boreholes is less.

2.Ground Source Heat Pump  : it is the Heating and Cooling system which draws heat from a source (Water/Ground) and by consuming electricity offers us Heating/Cooling and Domestic Hot Water.

What does the Ground Source Heat Pump offer us?

  • Stable system performance (unaffected by changes in outside air temperature)
  • Save up to 40% in electricity compared to air source heat pumps
  • Long life and minimal maintenance costs (does not have extensive equipment)
  • Reduces the energy consumption of the building and therefore the size-cost of the Photovoltaic system (a very important element for commercial buildings that do not have a free surface for placing the panels)

3.Photovoltaic System: is a system that converts the radiation emitted by the sun into electrical energy.

What does the Photovoltaic system offer us?

As energy production system, it covers the buildings’ demand for electricity, and in a country as Greece, its location is particularly important.

It is worth noting that a Photovoltaic system in a building without insulation or in a building with an energy-intensive heating-cooling system reduces the electricity bill, but does not contribute to reducing the demands on energy storage networks. That’s why government subsidize Photovoltaic systems with battery.

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