On the occasion of World Earth Day, we are discovering Geothermal, and more specifically, Shallow Geothermal, which is the most efficient and environmentally friendly method for Heating & Cooling buildings available in the world today. The Earth has the ability to maintain a constant temperature inside it for the first 100 meters depth at least. This temperature is equal with the average annually temperature of the area and is not affected by external conditions (eg extremely hot or frost). Thus, a building applying Geothermy draws heat from the Earth during the winter season, while during the summer season it rejects its thermal loads to the Earth. In this way, the Earth offers us its warmth in the winter season, while in the summer season it cools us by absorbing the heat of our building!! So we must take advantage of what the Earth offers us and change the way we

Geothermal System offer us heating/cooling as well as DHW (Domestic Hot Water) production using Geothermal Heat Pump technology. The Geothermal Heat Pumps use the ground (closed loop systems) or underground aquifer (open loop systems) as a heat source. The ground and underground aquifer are located underground and the extraction of heat is achieved through the closed Earthing loop, i.e. the Geoexchanger (closed loop system) or through underground water pumping networks (open loop system). Aesthetics The Geothermal system does not have any part of the equipment outside the building (eg pipes, cables, Heat Pump). Thus, the aesthetics of the building is noticeably improved, highlighting its architecture. A typical example is that in some applications of Air Source Heat Pumps, the heat pump is covered with a box, so as to affect less the aesthetics of the building. This also dramatically reduces the performance of the Pump as its source is air.

The shallow geothermal system is a Renewable Energy Source (RES) that utilizes the constant temperature of the subsoil. Ιnside the Earth the temperature remains constant starting at 1.5 m depth and for the first 100 m. This temperature is kept constant throughout the year and is not affected by external conditions (e.g. heat or frost). In Greece this temperature is 17-20OC. Geothermal system can therefore offer us heating and cooling using the technology of Heat Pumps. Where the Heat Pump is the machine that draws heat from a source in the case of Geothermal, this source is the ground and then by consuming electricity, it offers us Heating, Cooling and Hot Water Generation. How does Geothermal applied in a building? The application of a Geothermal system consists of two different parts as shown in the image below (the distribution network is not included, e.g. Underfloor, FANCOIL, AC, etc.) In the

Our company participated in the construction of closed loop geothermal system with verticalplacement of Geoexchanger for the energy upgrade of the Indoor Gymnasium.Project description: The Ground Source Heat Pump system (Geothermal) will cover the needs of the building inHeating/Cooling and Hot Water generation. Read more about what Geothermal Systems are at the link below: What are Geothermal Systems


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